Derek Winkle resides in Rogersville with his wife Sonya and their dog Sophie.  His family has lived in this area for generations. After graduating from Cherokee High School (1991), he obtained both a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (1995) and a Master’s of Business Administration (2011) from East Tennessee State University.

He has spent the last 22 years in Human Resource Management in both the manufacturing and healthcare sectors. Derek’s career has always involved making difficult decisions and doing the right thing for the right reasons.  His background allows him to speak with authority about the needs of today’s businesses and the many strengths of the local workforce. Like numerous people in the area, Derek has commuted out of Hawkins County for years to make a living and permit his family to stay in Rogersville.   As Representative of District 9, his number one priority will be to help its residents gain access to good paying jobs and achieve the employment stability to remain in the communities they love.

Derek believes, “Our counties are made up of many caring members who have varying opinions about what is best for our community. It is critical that we listen to each other and speak up when we disagree. Regardless of our backgrounds, beliefs, or affiliations, we all want the best for our friends, families and neighbors.  We may disagree, but at the end of the day staying humble, being open-minded, and caring about one another is what makes this home.”

Derek will put the interest of Hancock and Hawkins county residents first before lobbyist, PAC organizations, special interest groups, political party, donors, family, friends or even personal gain.  He will not make a decision just because it is fast, easy, or popular. He will make decisions based on the needs of the community. Always doing the right thing for the right reasons.

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